2015 Ride to Smoky Mountains

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Yesterday we returned from our ride to the Smoky Mountains. The total trip was just over 1,700 miles in 5 days. Several BRMC members joined me; Richard, Ron and Kevin. The ride included several big name roads; Dragon’s Claw, Back of the Dragon, Rattler, Tail of the Dragon, and the Snake.

20151017_103655000_iOSDay 1

We started out Saturday at 7:00 the temp was 38 degrees in Westminster. after about 2 hours of riding Ron’s 2015 CVO Street Glide was making a weird noise when he rolled on the throttle. We took a slight detour to Shenandoah Harley, where they told us it was a bad head gasket, but they did not have a replacement in stock. I rode down to Roanoke Harley to get the parts, which was a 160 mile trip alone. We left Ron there and continued our riding. Ron called us later and said the block was stripped and they had to order a new block from Harley, he was headed home the next morning. After a 650 mile day we finally made it to the hotel in Wythville VA.

 Day 2

We got up early with heavy frost blanketing everything we started our ride. At20151019_025632000_iOS the hotel it was 32 degrees but at our first stop it dropped to 29 degrees. We then hit our first destination road, the “Back of the Dragon”, a very good warm up for the next few days. At lunch Ron texted and said he will meet us in Pigeon Forge at 8pm, we asked on what and he said his Mustang. After lunch we ran the Rattler backwards which was very technical and had a lot of gravel in the curves. We arrived in Pigeon Forge TN and a few minutes later Ron rolled up in his 2015 Mustang GT as the chase car.

Day 5

We rode the world famous Tail of the Dragon! In all honestly it was a fun road but not really challenging. We rode pretty high speed, letting the engine do all the braking while shifting between 2nd and 3rd.  We then hit the Cherohala Skyway which was real high speed, 55 to 75 nice long sweeping curves.

Barclay riding the "Tail of the Dragon" 
Day 4

We started our trip back to Baltimore, after breakfast in Gatlinburg we found ourselfs on Rt 32, 20151020_131804667_iOSvery challenging road never got out of 2nd. The curves were very tight and close to each other. It ended at the Appalachian Trail where the road turned to dirt for a mile and a half. Believe it or not at the bottom of the mountain, you make a left onto paved road and it takes you right to I40. We then hopped on the Rattler where we got very fast on a straight away and Richard almost got run over by a propane truck who was completely in our lane. We were doing less than 35mph at that point. From the rattler we hit the Snake up near the VA line.

Day 5

Final day we pretty much rode highway the whole day not really fun.

Company Fishing Trip

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The Baltimore sales team was taken out for a day on the bay to fish for Rock fish. I was a great time. The boat was trolling and we caught 2 in the first 20 minutes, as you would expect. Then we ran over a school and every line hooked, many with both hooks. we caught our limit in 10 seconds and spent the next hour reeling them all in. We through about 10 back for a total catch of 27.

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